About Dr. Vithal Venkatesh Kamat

Eating out is one of those pleasurable activities that most of us look forward to. Guess it has to do with the stimulation of all the senses at one go. Good food satisfies the soul. A good restaurateur takes it to the next level by being mindful of all the different aspects that go into making a meal a delight. There is absolutely no doubt that Dr. Vithal Kamat is one such person who takes the role of restaurateur, seriously.

In his restaurants, people come back again and again, to savor the offerings of his hotels. The hotels seem like an extension of the creator of the hotel. So who is this person and how does one describe and define a being that is so full of life and so in love with life? For, it is not possible to create things of worth and beauty if one does not have worth and beauty within.

Step into The Orchid Mumbai Vile Parle, a five star luxury hotel in Mumbai. The physical space is so beautiful it calms you, relaxes you and transports you. Buildings, the dwellings we make, are supposed to do that. Hotels are not homes but the short time we spend there, is supposed to soothe and comfort. God knows we have enough trouble and worry in our lives. The ordering of the elements of color and water, plants and art: contribute to the sense of freedom and joy.

Then, the food arrives! The aroma and the perfection to which each dish is authentically cooked and served reminds you of the artist, Dr. Kamat who is behind this. Each dish made from a particular region is the real deal. Aappams from Kerala taste like the ones you get there, the Hyderabadi biryani tastes like the one the best chef from the Deccan makes it and so on.

The person behind this is authentic, has his finger on the pulse of the people and knows what makes people happy. Now, how many people can say that? And then we learn more about this fascinating person. The Orchid Mumbai Vile Parle is Asia's first ecotel - eco friendly in a meaningful way. Beginning with the designing of the building to its everyday running, including both guests and employees in this venture that he believes in, is truly remarkable. For this and other work, The Orchid Mumbai Vile Parle has received domestic and international accolades. The extension of this is the reaching out into the community and managing the neglected traffic island gardens on the busy roads. Being stuck in traffic, those fleeting moments when the eyes can rest on a patch of green or see a blossom, how priceless is that gift!

His future plans to restore old forts and heritage sites to places where people can link to history, remind us of another dimension of this singular person who by being who he is and doing what he does, nudges us to be authentic and contribute to society. Thankfully India is not flat. Every corner of the country is different and our diversity is enchanting. Dr. Kamat captures that in all the things he sets out to do. It will diminish the person to list out his achievements. That he touches a chord in all of us is sufficient.