Dr. Vithal Venkatesh Kamat, a Green Hotelier, an Environmentalist, an Entrepreneur, an Educationist, an Antiquarian, an Ornithologist, an Author, Globe Trotter and Black Belt Karate, is a versatile personality.

His journey started from a small vegetarian family restaurant to the Chairman of world’s highest award winning, Asia’s first an Ecotel hotel “The Orchid”.

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As an Entrepreneur

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He was the pioneer creating Asia’s first chain of Five star, Ecotel Hotels – The Orchid An Ecotel Hotel recognized globally as "The Hallmark of Environmentally Sensitive Hotels", has been consistently bagging global awards and national ones also. With more than 90 awards under its belt, the Orchid Brand has grown leaps and bounds.

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Owning and managing Fort Jadhavgadh - The first Museum Hotel in Maharashtra Pune, Dr. Kamat has proved that heritage and culture can be used as a great tool to give an experience of a lifetime to guest from various parts of India and Abroad alike. This 57 rooms property is from the Era of Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj’s days located at Pune. It’s the only Fort Heritage Hotel in Maharashtra.

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Mahodadhi Palace in Puri Orissa, is a Hotel with a history. Restored by Dr. Kamat, this hotel will soon be expanded so that even more guests can enjoy Orissa’s rich royal part.

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Four star hotels VITS, a chain of luxury business hotels, VITS is a rapidly growing across India, with a hotel opening almost each month. This chain of aspires to cater to the needs of the business traveler and offer the comforts of home away from home.

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LOTUS Resorts offers ‘Chill. Still, transport, environments near rivers, seaside lakes, a value for money resort chain in Goa, Konark, and many more places.

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A chain of Vithal Kamats Vegetarian Restaurants. one of India’s largest vegetarian chain of South Indian and Indian Cuisines, Dr. Vithal Kamat offer the family a safe and comfortable dining experience across the highways of India.

As an Environmentalist

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As an Environmentalist, Dr. Kamat planted more than 20 lakhs trees and transformed his over hundreds of  acres of hillock into a place for medicinal plants and local trees for forestation. He also facilitated the first Butterfly Garden in Mumbai city & more than 28 gardens which are maintained on the vermiculture of the hotel.

The environ scopic monument of “Child Gives Birth to a Mother” is maintained in various part of Country thanks to Dr. Kamat's initiatives.

Involved with more than 1,200 ALM (Advance Locality Management) for clean and hygienic streets in India. He strongly believes “We can’t command nature except by obeying her”.

As An Author

The journey of Mr. Vithal Venkatesh Kamat is one that reflects a lifetime of consistent hard work, a passion towards providing memorable experiences and above all, cherishing relationships that outlast materialistic achievements. It is, then, little wonder that millions seek to emulate his lifestyle and his commitment towards making planet earth a better place. 

Mr. Kamat is not only an accomplished entrepreneur but an author beyond compare. His works stem from experiences and are rooted in the values instilled in him as a child. His most recent work - the acclaimed 'Yash Apayash Ani Me', throws light upon the evolving relationship between parents and children.

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Mr. Kamat dwells upon instances from his own life and reflects upon the meaning of family in a world that is driven by individual needs.

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